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1. Purchase affordable legal services in Spain

iAbogado offers you the guidance of English-speaking lawyers from Spain, the largest online collection of legal information about Spain, and comprehensive Legal Services that are guaranteed. Browse our Legal Services catalog to see the complete list of our fixed-price Legal Services.

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2. Choose a legal service and hire it online

Work with one of our experienced English-speaking lawyers to get services and advice rapidly and affordably. Whether it’s a sudden or anticipated life event, iAbogado helps clients solve legal problems or achieve legal security for themselves, their families and their businesses in Spain. We’ll give you the knowledge, confidence and control to use Spanish and EU law. If none of our online services suits your needs contact us for a customized quote.

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3. See the details of the legal service and our fixed price

iAbogado offers you the guidance of English-speaking lawyers on time and at a fixed price, with no hourly billing. Flat fees on every service mean you always know the final cost.

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4. Decide how to pay

We accept two payment methods:

  • Wire transfer. Show our bank account number ▼
  • Visa, MasterCard or PayPal money. We accept PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay online.

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5. Problem resolved

We make sure that the right English-speaking lawyer gets your case. You will be provided with a skilled, experienced lawyer, either from our team in Madrid, or from our certified network of lawyers throughout the rest of Spain. You will be able to work with your lawyer online or offline by telephone or in person. It’s up to you. Finally, your lawyer will complete the Legal Service, and you will close the case.

Our team of lawyer also provides answers to legal consultations sent by our clients by email, phone or instant messaging services.

For more information on our fixed price legal services, payment methods, lawyer qualifications, etc. browse our FAQs.