Legal guide

Marriage & Family

Learn about the Spanish matrimonial property regimes, the rights of same sex relationships in Spain, legal requirements to file a petition for adoption in Spain, etc.

Divorce in Spain

Learn how to get divorced under the Spanish law, requesting legal separation, visiting rights of children, how is alimony determined, etc.

Inheritance law

All about estate partition, why is it advisable to make a Spanish will, the Spanish law of compulsory heirs, what is a legacy, the usufruct, etc.

Real Estate law

All about purchasing, sale and rental of a house in Spain, be aware of your rights whether you are the owner or tenant, what is the community of property owners, share of the community expenses, etc.

Driving in Spain

What to do if you are involved in a car accident in Spain, how can you protest a fine before the Spanish traffic authorities, why may your vehicle be seized, be advised
about the main requirements to buy a car in Spain, etc.

Insurance in Spain

Types of insurance, coverage amounts, what to do if the insured event occurs, learn what is the car insurance mandatory in Spain, what to look for in an insurance policy, etc.

Travel & tourism

Minimum contents of the contract entered with the tour operator, what to do if the organizer cannot supply the conditions agreed in the contract after departure date, learn your rights before the organizer or dealer, what to do if you are denied boarding, etc.

Inmigration law

Learn about the immigration arrangements required to enter Spain, how to apply for a work and/or residence permit, your immigrant rights, legal requirements to apply for Spanish nationality, etc.

Doing business in Spain

Hints to help you set up a business in Spain. Types of corporations. Know your rights on renting premises in Spain, procedure for collection of debts in Spain, etc.

Working in Spain

All about working conditions in Spain, know your rights as a employee, how to establish as self-employed worker in Spain, the temporary work agencies, etc.

Social Security Law

Learn about the public system of social security in Spain, social assistance and services guaranteed, the unemployment benefit, the retiremente benefit, etc.

Taxes in Spain

Learn all about the main taxes in Spain, deductible expenses, legal dispensations, how to calculate the taxable income, etc.

Criminal Law in Spain

Learn about types of criminal penalties in Spain depending on the nature and degree of the offence/crime. We also explain how extraditions and European Arrest Warrants are processed by Spanish courts.

Arrests & Charges in Spain

Learn how to initiate a criminal process in Spain, what are the different types of criminal proceedings before Spanish courts, and the rules that govern detention and arrest of suspects.

Government Law

All about the main Spanish administrative bodies, know your rights before the Spanish Town or City Council, how to appeal administrative decisions, etc.

Intellectual Property

How to protect the rights of the author of a work in Spain, what is the Intellectual Property Registry, etc.

Courts & Arbitration

The different types of courts in Spain, all about the services of a Spanish lawyer, what is an attorney at court, the public prosecutor, learn about litigation costs in Spain, etc.


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