Arrests & charges in Spain

How to initiate a criminal procedure in Spain

Who may file a criminal complaint? do I need the assistance of a Spanish lawyer? what is the difference between a criminal complaint and a criminal report?

Criminal court procedures in Spain

In Spain There are different types of criminal procedures, criminal cases shall be conducted to trial attending to the category of criminal or antisocial behavior and to the severity of the misdemeanors or felonies committed.

The Jury

Only certain crimes such as breach of confidence by civil servants, crimes against the environment are tried before a Jury. Which cases does the jury try in Spain? What are the legal requirements to become a jury member in Spain? What is the jury selection process?

Under arrest. Other precautionary measures

Precautionary measures are intended to secure enforceability of the potential judgment to be issued in the court of criminal proceedings before a Spanish Court. A Spanish Judge may grant protective measures in order to support foreign proceedings.


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