Spanish Labour Law

Working as an employee in Spain

If you are thinking of working in Spain, here you have some useful information that can give you an idea about working conditions in Spain and what you need to begin your new life in Spain as a legal worker, whether you are a dependent worker or you want to work on your own account.

How to proceed in case your rights are infringed

If you think that your working conditions have been substantially altered for the worse, you are not paid the salary or wages agreed, or you feel that your employer has not held to the contract in any way, you should claim against your employer.

Working on your own account

If you wish to establish as self-employed worker in Spain, be aware that you shall join the Autonomous workers special system, this enables you to work as self-employed translator, teacher, architect, plumber;

Temporary work agencies (TWA)

Spanish temporary work agencies supply temporary labour that can be hired by firms without their incurring the usual hiring and firing costs.


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