Spanish inmigration law

Legal requirements to move to Spain

There are some requirements that foreigners shall meet when moving or travelling to Spain, these requirements vary depending on their country of origin. There is no restrictions for EU-nationals to enter, exit, travelling, working or living throughout the Spanish territory since the entry of Spain into the European Union. Non-EU national should meet some requirements to do so, such as getting a visa, work permit or a residence permit.

Getting the Spanish nationality

Can I take out the Spanish nationality if I marry to a Spaniard? What are the requirements for applying for Spanish nationality? what do I need to apply for Spanish citizenship? can I handle my application by myself ? how long does the whole process take up?

Retiring in Spain

If you have decided to retire in the sunny Spain, be advised that there are some requirements you must meet before moving in.

Foreigners studying in Spain

What should I do if I want to study in Spain? can I legally work in Spain under my student card? do I need a private health insurance?


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