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From left to right: Esther Garcí­a Vaquero, Javier Muñoz Pereira y Helena González Martí­nez. Photo by Pablo Collantes

Founded in 2001, iAbogado is a leading provider of legal information and services for English-speaking individuals and businesses in Spain. Our website includes hundreds of free practical articles on a wide range of legal topics ( ‘Legal Guide’), and provides the ability to obtain legal advice by email, via private chat or over the phone ( ‘Ask a Lawyer’) or purchase pre-packaged legal services delivered by our Spanish solicitors for a fixed one-off price.

Our law firm has received a number of awards in recognition of creativity and excellence on the Web.

If you need a lawyer in Spain, please feel free to contact us. Although our law firm is based in Madrid, however, our team of English speaking lawyers render services wherever and whenever required throughout Spain. We represent English-speaking clients both large and small in virtually every legal sphere from the smallest will to the largest piece of complex litigation.

In some specific cases, legal services may be rendered in cooperation with referral lawyers who handle legal issues throughout Spain. We will match you with lawyers who hold themselves out as practicing in the legal area relevant to your circumstances.

For more information about us, please visit our interviews in the media , a list of our key clients, and the legal events we organize from time to time.

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We also provide advisory and representation services for Spanish clients on collective court actions, such as the Bankia IPO case or the Lagoa do Coelho case.

Legal details of our firm:
iAbogado is a Spanish law firm owned by the following partners:

Helena González Martínez – Esq. Member no. 74959 of the Madrid Bar Association.
Esther García Vaquero – Esq. Member no. 63111 of the Madrid Bar Association.
Javier Muñoz Pereira – Esq. Member no. 55209 of the Madrid Bar Association.

Registered adddress and contact details

In order to be allowed to practise law, Spanish lawyers (abogados) must be registered with the Bar Association of their local jurisdiction in Spain.

All Spanish lawyers in iAbogado´s Madrid office are members of the Madrid Bar Association. Our lawyers are regulated in their professional practice by the Estatuto General de la Abogací­a Española (General Statute for Spanish Lawyers) and the Código Deontológico de la Abogací­a Española (Code of Conduct for Lawyers in Spain) which is based on the Code of Conduct for European Lawyers, among other provisions.

The use of this website is subject to iAbogado’s Terms and Conditions. All information provided by our clients and users through this website is kept subject to our Privacy Guidelines and will not be passed on to other parties.


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